A list of advantages


Buying a new car has never been so easy before! Here are some steps that need to be done before you can take the first ride in your new car:

  1. Simply look for what you need on our website. You do not even need to stand up from your sofa!
  2. Fill in the contact form, email, or call us.
  3. Our job, then, is to contact our regional representative and check availability of the car you have chosen.
  4. Afterwards, if the vehicle is available, we will get back to you via email with a contract to be signed.
  5. The contract needs to be taken to a notary who verifies your signature. To speed up the process a scanned copy of the signed contract needs to be emailed to us; however the original document must be sent by postal service as well.
  6. Later on, the day of delivery is agreed on. Usually no deposit is required.
  7. Actually, we must apologize here; there is one more thing you will need to do to get your new car- you will have to open the door when we ring the doorbell with the delivery.
  8. Regarding payment, it can be made in various ways:
    • Once the car has been viewed the amount is passed to our operative at the point of delivery.
    • Deposit of cash to our account can be made in one of the branches of Commerzbank, Germany.
    • Bank transfer to our account in one of the branches of Commerzbank, Germany can be carried out.
    • If PayPal is available, payments via this method are also considered a convenient solution.

Our team members provide full assistance all throughout the process, because happy customers matter to us and their satisfaction is our paramount concern.