A list of advantages


The roots of our company date back to 1992, when a series of successful business activities on the car market started to take place. These activities were so prosperous that in 2005 they developed into an idea of particular business, which is nowadays known in Europe as Escar GmbH - Germany, Escar Slovakia, Escar CzechTrade. Throughout the period of 20 years we have been constantly acquiring wider and richer experience through cooperation with brand names like Skoda, Nissan, Citroen, and Volkswagen to name but a few.

Thanks to this, we have become highly professional in almost every area of car business including sales, auctions and rentals, working with new cars and cars used, from handling documents to assistance with insurance policies. Moreover, each branch of our business is dealt with online, via various web portals. As you can see, tradition and modernity meet in our company, bringing professional and efficient service of high quality to both- our domestic as well as international customers. Lately, new, tailored cars have become our main focus, giving our customers opportunity to order a car created according to their imagination.

Having an ideal car that meets all your requirements is, rather than an advantage, a matter of course with us. Customers can choose from a wide variety of car brands and combinations of their features, considering their personal needs. The majority of vehicles are available straight away, which means you will be able to use your car within days. Every car ordered with us comes with a full manufacturer’s guarantee as an essential part of the business.

Not only we provide reliability and security, but we also boast with unbeatable prices on the market! With our offers your perfect vehicle is not far from reach. We do take good care to ensure that our selection of cars includes only the best deals. Therefore we can proudly say that we provide services as trustworthy and safe as brick-and-mortar retailers with bargains more convenient than any other online seller. And there is another good news- entrepreneurs can use the opportunity to buy cars from us exclusive of VAT!

Yet, prices are not the only reason why our customers like us. In Escar we are trying operate a “no-trouble” policy; the whole process is managed quickly and efficiently from the comfort of your home. Online communication saves time and money and makes buying a car as easy as it has never been before. Your car is ready to set off for its journey to you just several days after your order has been placed and it will be delivered directly to your door by one of our operatives.

If you wish to learn more, please, feel free to fill in the contact form provided, email, or call us.